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About Us


Incorporated as a private limited company, VISIBLE Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. helps all students from all over the world finding colleges, universities and institutions abroad to gain quality education in the international level. We are based in  Nepal ,India And United Kingdom.

VISIBLE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY provides an end to end service that begins with sensible and informed discussions with students and parents and ends with taking the hassle out of the application process, getting the visas done and preparing for life at university leaving students free to get on with their academics or leaving them free to enjoy some leisure time. As an organisation we have an inherent duty to not only keeping up with the changes but also in devising methods and constantly improvising our services such that the student is made aware of emerging opportunities and challenges.

Assisting students is both an art and a science and VISIBLE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY has become a career planner. Having assisted number of students reach clarity of purpose while assisting with the process of achieving higher or further education goals. As many as of the students and parents come to us through referrals, as they have been told by our clients “For the right advice go to VISIBLE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY”. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff means our students interact with the best in the industry. Our counsellors are very knowledgeable in student placement and are geared with industry experience to provide students the best service VISIBLE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY has to offer. They allocate ample time to understand student’s & parents specific requirements. Students’ academic credentials and financial status are carefully analysed in order to find the most appropriate and affordable course of study in a given university or any other institution.

VISIBLE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY understands and respect the decision made by the parents & the student to embark on a higher course of study in a foreign country and we strive constantly to make the decision a correct one with the financial strain. Our goal is to ensure that the students directed and counselled by VISIBLE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY, secure a placement in the best possible university or institution within their range of affordability and that they pass out with a globally recognised qualification. A foreign education is an expensive investment, (“students returning to the country after studies will bring new skill and expertise which will be helpful in building a new nation”) but one that will pay rich dividends when students make that crucial choice to step up to excellence.